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My Sweet Menu

Traditional milk chocolate brigadeiro & chocolate sprinkles

Peanut Lover milk chocolate brigadeiro & ground peanut

Pistachio Lover pistachio brigadeiro & organic shredded pistachios

Almond dark chocolate brigadeiro & organic sliced natural almonds

Happy Couple combination of dark chocolate & white brigadeiros

Choc Pistachio milk chocolate brigadeiro & organic shredded pistachios

Dark 80% cocoa brigadeiro & dark chocolate sprinkles

White white brigadeiro & white chocolate curls

B&W Crunch milk chocolate brigadeiro & crispy rice sprinkles

Ginger dark chocolate brigadeiro infused with fresh ginger
Coconut coconut brigadeiro & organic shredded natural coconut

Super Crunch dark chocolate brigadeiro & super crunch sprinkles

Cinnamon Pecans white brigadeiro & shredded cinnamon pecans
Mint dark chocolate brigadeiro with a hint of mint leaves

Fine Sea Salt dark chocolate brigadeiro infused with french sea salt [fleur de sel]

Lavender milk chocolate brigadeiro infused with lavender flowers

Rainbow milk chocolate brigadeiro & colorful sprinkles

Mochaccino dark chocolate brigadeiro & coffee sprinkles

Chili dark chocolate brigadeiro infused with spicy chili pepper

Peanut Honey white chocolate brigadeiro & peanut honey crunch sprinkles

Please note: Flavors upon availability.

  Traditional       Peanut Lover        Pistachio          Almond

Happy Couple       Choc Pistachio         Dark              White

B&W Crunch           Ginger           Coconut          Super Crunch

   Cinnamon Pecans         Mint           Sea Salt           Lavender

       Rainbow          Mochaccino           Chili          Peanut Honey