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My Sweet Brigadeiro and Häagen-Dazs collaborated together to develop a new ice cream flavor, based on a deconstruction of our original Brigadeiro. The result is Tres Leches Brigadeiro and we're all very, very proud of it.

The partnership

Since the very beginning, this project was about true collaboration to create a unique ice cream flavor with high quality products with vision and creativity. After a "Pinch me. Am I dreaming?” moment, My Sweet and Häagen-Dazs started working together to recreate the brigadeiro taste and consistency into a new ice cream. The final product is a version of My Sweet’s 'Happy Couple' Brigadeiro. The outcome of the hard work and commitment from a terrific team is the Tres Leches Brigadeiro and we couldn't be more proud of it. 

Tres Leches Brigadeiro

The flavor’s idea came from the original 'Happy Couple' Brigadeiro - which combines white and chocolate Brigadeiro and it’s called Casadinho in Portuguese. The new flavor Tres Leches Brigadeiro is a deconstruction of our 'Happy Couple' and combines sweet condensed milk ice cream taste with a swirl made of pure and luscious chocolate Brigadeiro. (Tres Leches is a celebrated Latin American dessert that has sweet condensed milk as its main ingredient). 

The Artisan Collection

The Häagen-Dazs brand collaborated with six culinary artisans from across the United States to launch a revolutionary new line of ice cream flavors under the banner “Artisan Collection.” Together, the Häagen-Dazs brand teamed up with the artisans for more than a year to develop six unique, new flavors that honor the essence of the original culinary creations. These new flavors are available in the United States and Canada from April 2015, in 14 oz. pints, and the Tres Leches Brigadeiro is also available in a 3.6 oz. mini cup. 

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